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InícioDicasHow to configure the GPS Igo8 communication port?

How to configure the GPS Igo8 communication port?

How to configure the GPS Igo8

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The following is a quick video where I give some gps port configuration tips Igo8, note also that the antenna position is a determining factor for good reception, each red dot (yellow or green) is a satellite that the central located and captured the signs green more intense and less red. Doubts? just post the questions field.
I remind you that I provide no software or map updates if they want should look on the internet. Attention they are pirated software, most.




For those who can not see the video follows a summary of the procedure.

GPS port setting

On maps click menu options, “right arrow” GPS, “uncheck the box”, will appear “auto detect” at the bottom, click;
Wait for the end and click “OK”;
See if the issue is resolved
Verification of satellite signals

  1. On the map, click on the lower left (level antenna and battery);
    Click GPS;
  2.  If you are with the satellite signal in red do the procedure “GPS port settings” just above;
    There are at least 20 levels of signs, note whether they are in color green, yellow or red, with green and red good sign bad sign;
  3.  If they are in the red, locate the antenna and make sure that is not damaged or water infiltration, if you are in the car check the connection for this procedure recommend going to a technician with experience;
  4.  If the antenna is faulty, replace, if poorly localized see the post below:
  5.  If even after central testing is not with the normal operation, there may be need for a repair to the hardware, contact us or call a qualified technician in your city.


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